Missionary In Training
Eastern Florida Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ
Mother JoAnn Golatt Hill, Jurisdictional Supervisor and Founder
Mother Pearl Macklin Williams, Coordinator
Bishop Elect Jimmie L. Williams

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Update: August 28, 2014

to the following MITI participants who have been cleared to receive a 2014 certificate.

Ft Lauderdale

Certificate of Completion: Sharon Ashley, Rochelle Bullock, Debra Burton, Cynthia Hart Carter, Alicia Christopher, Cynthia Crooms, Dorothy Crooms, Sherlona Davis (2013), Ramona Hardy, Danita King, Lavorise Mortimer

Certificate of Achievement:  Linda K. German-Bannister, Cynthia Hart Carter (2013)

Avon Park

Certificate of Achievement:  Ann Brown


Certificate of Completion: Debhorah T. Williams

If you think your name is missing from the list above, or if your name does not appear as you would like it to appear on your certificate, please email the coordinator at pwilliams3497@bellsouth.net                                       
Again, Congratulations!
Mother Pearl
MITI Coordinator
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